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I want to know more about the culture at ORISE, how would you describe it?

ORISE's company culture varies, since it is based on job placement at a variety of sites. The work culture experienced is not reflective of ORISE but of your placement site. In my case, I had a very laidback but professional culture that encouraged creativity, networking, and initiative.
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For those with the experience at ORISE, just how did it contribute to your professional growth?

I grew professionally from participating in two of their summer internships, where college students work under research group leaders for the summer to do their own individual project. It's a glimpse into what it's like to work both for a laboratory and for the government.
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What are some areas where ORISE stands out against some of the competitors?

My only interaction with ORISE was for payment or travel dilemmas. ORISE typically had a prompt response time, but I would definitely recommend booking travel on your own itineraryand being vigilant about getting your travel stipend back after the trip.
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What type of skills are necessary to do well as an ORISE Fellow at Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education?

It really depends on your role but very broadly, you need both technical and domain skills. Technical skills include an understanding of how to work with relevant software to meet and exceed the expectations of your supervisors and domain skills include area of speciality (ie air, water, communit...
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Is the work-life at Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education great?

Oh, you will have a fantastic work life balance that includes opportunities to network with young professionals at work. EPA has a vibrant young professional crowd. Most are either in the process of pursuing or will pursue PHds so smart and fun folks!
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What should I highlight in my interview for a research position at Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Education?

A person applying to an ORISE position should highlight the following: · Examples demonstrating job responsibilities (school or work) · Any past research experiences (school or work) · Group work and independent work · Ability to meet deadlines · Examples of troubleshooting · Passion for educatio...
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