Changing The Present

About Changing The Present is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The New York Times called us an “ of the nonprofit world.”

We have also been featured in Reuters, Lost Angeles Times, Food & Wine, Men's Health, Parenting, Web MD,, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, and more.

*Rave Reviews*
See what other high-achieving interns have said about the outstanding experience here:

We are always hiring, and we are flexible. Interns can work school year or summer, on their own schedule, from 4 to 40 hours per week.

We are based in New York City. Due to the pandemic, our global team is all working remotely / virtually.

*What We Do*
We address the greatest hindrance to the effectiveness of the entire nonprofit sector: the crippling lack of funding, which is inadequate for the scale of the social and environmental challenges we face.

We are starting to channel to nonprofits a new source of funding: some of the $450 billion Americans spend each year buying birthday, wedding, holiday, and corporate presents.

We do that by making the experience of a donation, which you give in a friend’s name, feel like a rewarding present and an appealing alternative to buying and giving yet more unwanted merchandise.

That requisite gift-like experience includes:
• Tangible charitable gifts from hundreds of leading nonprofits so everyone can choose exactly what they want to do to make a difference: preserve an acre of the wilderness, fund an hour of cancer research, provide schoolchildren with their first book, etc.
• Personalized greeting cards make a charitable gift especially memorable.
• Wish lists and registries let our friends know what we care about and that we would welcome a donation in our name.
• Gift cards let us donate and let our friends support the things they care about.

Imagine how much good we could all do together as more of that fortune goes to making a difference. Each 1% of the money now spent on presents is more than is raised by the largest nonprofit in the country (the United Way) and is more than is given by the largest foundation (the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

*We Partner with Leading Nonprofits*
We already work with hundreds of the most prestigious nonprofits in the country, such as ASPCA, Amnesty International USA, Best Friends Animal Society, Breast Cancer Alliance, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Catholic Relief Services , Coalition to Salute America's Heroes, Defenders of Wildlife, Friends of the World Food Program, Global AIDS Alliance, Global Fund for Children, Helen Keller International, Human Rights Watch, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Natural Resources Defense Council, Nature Conservancy, New York Cares, Public Radio International, San Diego Zoo, Sesame Workshop, Stand Up To Cancer, Teach For America, The Nature Conservancy, The Trust for Public Land, and Women for Women International. You can see the growing list here:

We are now opening the site to serve every nonprofit, as well as to every school and teacher, so they can all attract additional funding for their important work.

Unprecedented Opportunities for Responsibility and Leadership
Our interns and volunteers get more responsibility than they would anywhere else. You can take a leadership role.

*Focus on Any Cause*
We seek high-achieving interns and volunteers who want to take a leadership role and make a difference for the cause of their choice (including education, hunger, women, children, cancer, human rights, environment, women, veterans, etc.) or the charitable needs of any ethnic group, religious group, city, or country. Please see the growing list of causes, countries, cities, ethnic groups, and religious groups on which we focus in the left column of

*Focus on Ethnic, Religious, City, or Country Communities*
As well as opportunities for every cause, we also have opportunities to focus on the charitable needs of any ethnic, religious, city, or country communities.

*Opportunities for Most Areas of Academic / Professional Focus*
We also have positions that align with a wide range of academic and professional fields, including business development, analytics, finance, accounting, technology, web development, Salesforce, database, computer science, science, STEM education, marketing, digital marketing, communications, social media, publishing, Human Resources, organizational psychology, research, education, and graphics.

*Specific Markets*
Some interns focus on specific markets, such as the high school market, college market, wedding market, or corporate gift market.

*Strong Professional Team*
Our team includes accomplished professionals from the business and nonprofit sectors, as well as a world-class Board of Advisors, so there is excellent guidance, coaching, and mentoring.

Many of our interns get college credit for their work with us. Of course, it is ultimately up to each college as to whether students can get credit for any internship. We are glad to cooperate to help with that.

*Who Is this For?*
We have many roles to fill here, so we need high-achieving interns and volunteers with a range of experience. We therefore welcome:
• Professionals who want to volunteer part-time
• "Dependent Spouses" of H1-B, F1, and L1 visa holders
• Recent graduates, including international students on OPT
• Undergraduate and graduate school students, including international students on CPT, who want to intern four or more hours per week
• Outstanding high school students to work on our national campaigns or to represent ChangingThePresent at their school as an Engagement Intern

*You Benefit*
We want all our interns to get the following from their experience here:
• Make a tremendous positive impact in the world.
• Use your skills, experience, knowledge, creativity, and talent.
• Assume responsibility and take a leadership role.
• Learn a tremendous amount.
• Work with people from around the world in a diverse and supportive community, and have a great time.
• Enhance your resume with a record of professional achievement and community service.
• Receive a great letter of recommendation.

*When *
We welcome full-time and part-time interns during the school year and/or the summer. We are entrepreneurial and flexible, and we are always hiring. Work on your own schedule and from 4 to 40 hours per week.

*More Info and How to Apply*
Please see for more information. To apply, please send a short cover note and resume to We will get back to you very quickly.

*Please Share*
We hope you will also share our opportunities with anyone who might be interested.

Thank you very much! We look forward to hearing from you.


Human Resources Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Bloomsburg, PA
“I liked that my internship was online, and that I was able to strength a lot of my professional skills. ”

Green-U Head Intern

May 2017 - August 2017 New York City, NY
“I had an immense amount of freedom and independence. Was able to take charge of a project and feel a real sense of responsibility and leadership. ”
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