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CZ Biohub San Francisco is seeking talented undergraduate students to join the organization for the 10-week Summer Internship Program (May 20, 2024 - July 26, 2024). The successful candidates will spend the summer immersed in real-world science with our biomedical researchers, data scientists, and engineers. They will not only gain technical experience working on CZ Biohub SF top line goals, but also soft skills such as communication and critical thinking, as well as the opportunity to network with scientists who provide valuable advice and mentorship.

The internship program goals are to:

  • Help interns build a strong foundation in scientific research and laboratory skills
  • Provide scientific education and enrichment to underserved and underrepresented groups in STEM (Students from historically marginalized or underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.)
  • Establish valuable and sustainable mentoring relationships
  • Equip interns with the skills and network needed to be competitive in STEM
  • Build a pipeline of STEM professionals

Possible Projects/Responsibilities

  • Using CRISPR knock-in to tag markers with a fluorescent reporter to visualize organelle perturbation during a viral infection (Arias Group)
  • Using CRISPR technology and molecular virology to study the role of specific host factors in enterovirus infection (Aviner Group)
  • Building, testing, and documenting custom instrumentation with high impact in biology research and human health (BioEngineering)
  • Supporting zebrafish imaging and analysis (Computational Microscopy)
  • Automating and scaling data analysis pipelines using computational imaging reconstruction and optics (Computational Microscopy)
  • Improving our understanding of how dependent an infection response is on the cell line provided (Data Science)
  • Helping to build an exploratory tool or web portal for visualizing published zebrafish RNAseq data (Data Science)
  • Developing and carrying out virology experiments to support group-specific goals and projects (DeRisi Lab)
  • Using CRISPR to tag genes in human stem cells and differentiate cells in order to study neurodegenerative disease (Leonetti Group)
  • Helping a mNGS diagnostic team to develop methods to increase the sensitivity of pathogen detection and characterizing contamination in mNGS data (Rapid Response)
  • Developing machine learning models to analyze zebrafish embryo tracking data (Royer Group)

Program Experience 

  • Receive support through a 10-week research experience
  • Receive mentorship to support your personal and professional development
  • Gain and enhance your technical and transferable skills through trainings and seminars
  • Learn how to design, plan, and carry out laboratory and/or computational scientific experiments
  • Present at the end-of-program symposium
  • Build relationships with peers and colleagues
  • Enjoy social events and activities in San Francisco, CA

Program Eligibility

  • Must be a current undergraduate student (enrolled full time at a college or university both Spring 2024 AND Fall 2024 terms)
  • Must be able to commit to the 10-week Summer Internship Program (May 20, 2024 - July 26, 2024)
  • Must be able to be onsite at the Biohub for the duration of the program

Visit our application page to learn more and apply!