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Target Sports PAID Internship

Target sports counselors are integral to providing our campers with a classic summer camp experience. We need young people who enjoy shooting sports or archery (or axe throwing!) to come and teach the next generation how to enjoy those sports, do so safely, and improve their skills.

Our target sports program features target shooting with 22 caliber rifles, skeet/trap shooting with 12 gauge shotguns, archery and axe throwing, all on their own dedicated ranges. If you love to shoot and want to teach young people to share you passion, this is a great opportunity for you.

The primary responsibility of Gold Arrow Camp counselors is the care and safety of all campers. We are looking for counselors who are positive role models, who enjoy working with kids and being outdoors, who genuinely want to invest in the lives of young people and commit to their growth, happiness, and friendship.

Counselors live in a rustic cabin or large tent with 8-10 campers and at least one other counselor in the cabin. There will be a lack of privacy some people aren’t used to, but you will have your own bed and area to store your personal items. In addition to a lack of personal privacy, this job is 24/7 and hard work. There are other summer jobs that will be less demanding and maybe even offer higher pay. You have to ask yourself why you want to be a camp counselor – if it is to have a fun, easy job this summer, you want to rethink what you consider easy and fun.

We do structured activities at Gold Arrow Camp, which means that campers go to activities in the morning and afternoon with their cabin groups. We’ve found that campers, when faced with a challenging activity, are more likely to push themselves if they’re around people they know and trust who are going to encourage them. In each activity, our main focus is always on the camper. While we do offer a wide range of fun, challenging activities, the primary goal of each activity is the growth and development of our campers. While waterskiing is a fun activity, it’s about the life lessons they’re learning – failure hurts, attitude is everything, growth and accomplishment takes work.