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Marketing & Social Media Internship - VC-Backed Sustainability Startup!

Reduce Carbon In Real Life,

Get Rewarded In Virtual Life.

Are you:
  • Passionate about Sustainability and Climate Change?

  • Have a large Social Media Following? Are an Influencer on Campus?

  • Want to build a brand new virtual community (think IG or Facebook 3.0 for Sustainability)?

  • Interested in Virtual Worlds and Gaming?

  • Want to be rewarded for living sustainably?

  • Want to get experience working for a venture-backed, fast-growing startup and get in on the ground floor?

Then come join us at Tanbii!

What is Tanbii?
  • At Tanbii ( we are building a new App-based virtual universe that rewards you for living sustainably and reducing your Carbon emissions in "real life" with rewards in your "virtual life."

Think Web 2.0 + Web 3.0 = Web 5.0

How it Works:
  • ¬†Through your¬†sustainable/green choices in the real world you earn virtual Tanbii Tokens - which is tracked on the Tanbii App and through our APIs with your Apple Watch, Google Home, Nest etc.

  • As you earn more Tanbii Tokens you can build and improve on your virtual world where you also are able to interact with your peers and colleagues who are also passionate about sustainability etc. You can even steal Tanbii Tokens from friends who aren't as active on the App

  • Tanbii tokens can also be redeemed to purchase products (clothes, electronics etc.) at significant discounts from our corporate partners

  • Tanbii tokens can also be donated to support environmental causes (planting trees, ocean clean-up/conservation efforts) or to purchase Carbon Credits

What we are looking for:

  • We are looking for Tanbii Campus Ambassadors - who are passionate about sustainability, mitigating Climate Change, and who are active in their campus community to help spread the word on Tanbii

  • People with large Social Media Followings and Campus Connections to spread the word about Tanbii!

  • We are looking for Campus Influencers who can help grow the Tanbii User base to 1M+ Users starting on your campus and helping Tanbii go viral worldwide!

  • Any Major or Graduate Degree welcome to apply! We just want to see your passion for sustainability and your ability to build a large user community!

What you would do at a Tanbii Internship:
  • Help us build a Tanbii that resonates most with you and your peers!
  • Help grow Tanbii to 1M+ Users!
  • Marketing and Campus Challenges and Social Media outreach
  • Surveys and Customer Discovery to understand what most resonates with your peers
  • Spreading brand awareness and growing the Tanbii Community
  • Be a Tambii Campus Influencer!

For our best student ambassadors and interns, this is a pathway to a full-time role upon graduation!!