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Electrical Engineering Internship


We are looking for a qualified and motivated intern seeking an exceptional opportunity to gain real-world electrical engineering experience. At the completion of your internship, you will have had the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge power electronics solutions and complete multiple physical products/projects as a tangible demonstration of your acquired expertise and skills.

Job summary

Airity is seeking an electrical engineer intern to participate in design, testing, and assembly of novel high-frequency power electronics systems that push the limits of existing industry capabilities. Responsibilities include:
  • Design and modeling of high-frequency power electronics, including circuit design and simulation.
  • Assembly and testing of designs, including component kitting, soldering, and quality assurance.
  • Documentation of build steps and key learnings for R&D projects
  • Inventory management and implementation of operational enhancements
  • Report on status of development, quality and performance to management.

Job responsibilities

  • Design circuit topologies that are optimized for the product including component selection and design tradeoffs
  • Assembly of surface mount PCB board and test of circuits after assembly
  • Design and build an ion propelled drone including the mechanical structure and the super-lightweight on-board power supply
  • Testing ion propelled drone prototypes, which usually involves >40 kV
  • Contacting business partners to enquire about their products
  • Any other tasks that the management may deem necessary to complete client project deliverables

Minimum Requirements

  • In year 2nd or 3rd year of a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, or with strong interest and demonstrated knowledge
  • Strong desire to acquire hands-on hardware experience in power supply (AC/DC, DC/DC & DC/AC) design, test, and assembly
  • Entry level understanding of power electronics topologies (AC/DC, DC/DC & DC/AC).
  • Entry level understanding of high voltage power semiconductor selection (Si/SiC/GaN MOSFET’s, Diodes), gate drive and protection circuit design
  • Entry level understanding of switching waveforms, and semi-conductor losses.
  • Entry level understanding of the theory and application of magnetics (inductors, transformers) and capacitors (Electrolytic, film and Ceramic) used for power conversion.
  • Emerging proficiency with basic EE tools (Oscilloscopes, Network analyzers, Signal Generators, Altium PCB Software, etc.).
  • Experience with Python coding and data analysis.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Nice to Have
  • MSEE or Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering.
  • Proficiency soldering.
  • Experience with Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and able to troubleshoot and debug complex circuits with ease.
  • Experience in radiofrequency (RF) circuits engineering.
  • Startup experience.

What you will gain from this internship:
  • Experience with lab equipment, including oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and multimeters
  • Advanced power electronics knowledge, such as a class-E amplifier
  • Reading engineering drawings and assemble circuit boards from just those drawings
  • Data analytics skills
  • Improve your hands-on skills to practically solve a problem
  • What it takes to run a start-up
  • Many other skills you’ll pick up on a daily basis from PhD-level engineers with multiple patents to their names