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The Washington Center is the bridge between higher education and professional careers—leveraging all of what Washington, D.C. has to offer to provide dynamic, experiential learning opportunities to empower and motivate young people to become engaged global citizens.


Federal Intern

January 2023 - May 2023 Washington, DC
“Through The Washington Center, I was connected with a position working with the American Archive of Public Broadcasting via the Library of Congress Internship program. Each of these organizations provided their interns with clear, project-oriented goals, focused on our long term career interests, and provided us with resources which I utilized throughout my internship and have the privilege of utilizing today as well. The alumni program offered through The Washington Center is reliable and conducts frequent outreach to provide further career services. As a remote worker, I was concerned with feeling left out or inadequately prepared for my project requirements, but my experience was the opposite. Not only was I connected with many other remote workers, but invited to participate in unique discussions, support groups, and resume-building activities which gave me the confidence to succeed while working independently. ”

The Veteran Employment Trajectory (VET) Initiative

June 2019 - August 2019 Washington, DC
“ I first heard about the VET Initiative program at Student Veterans of America's National Convention. I researched the program and found it would provide opportunities beyond my first passion for military and veteran advocacy. Having interned and worked in this veteran service organization space for four years, I wanted to expand into immigration and human rights issues. With the guidance of Michael Duerr, he connected me with the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (WJPC) at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. for my internship. Not all internships are created equal and the WPJC far exceeded my expectations. As a WJPC research assistant, I had the great fortune to work under the direction of Professor Patrick Paterson. My research focused on categorizing global contemporary conflicts in accordance with the Geneva Conventions impacting the use of military and police tactics in Latin America. The internship afforded me mentorship and the freedom to utilize my military experience in Latin America. With Professor Paterson's guidance, my work will be published. ”
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